A guardian is required by every boarding school in the UK when parents are based abroad for the duration of the coarse. We consider the guardianship to be one the main services that we provide.  Our structure helps us to work closely with our clients and we pay a lot of attention to children and their families to ensure that each child is given every means of our help, support and encouragement to enjoy a their learning experience in the UK.  Our guardianship services cover all aspects of social and academic life of each student, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to rely and leave everything to us. Our approach is very individual and discreet.


We truly value our clients, and because we believe that the foundation of any relationship is respect ,understanding and trust, we are extremely careful to foster open, respectful relationships. Our guardians take a ‘hands on’ approach to guide a child through academic challenges, stimulate areas of interest, and to develop effective study techniques We pride ourselves in the knowledge that our students feel able to call upon us for advice, guidance and support whenever they need to. We believe that with the right support and guidance of our guardians and the help of the family we can have a great impact on a child’s life.


Despite the similarities in the terms a “guardian” or a “mentor” there are some major differences: the responsibility of the first one is to help with domestic everyday issues as well as academic studies when the mentor is only responsible to academic achievements, mentors are common for university students. A Mentor can help finding the right tutor, internship programme, recommend the most suitable coarse/ lecture/ seminar or just help with a valuable advice.


Additional information about the terms and conditions for our mentor and guardianship services you can get by contacting us.

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