At Almanax we offer university placements services that can help a young adult to make for one of the hardest decisions in their lives. We take a comprehensive and personal approach of the university selection process. There are thousands of higher education courses available at British universities and best universities around the world but identifying the most suitable is a great challenge that our consultants and prepared to undertake.

University entry is extremely complex and competitive, especially when we are talking about the world’s leading universities but our dedicated team of professional is highly experienced in guiding students through this process.



The earlier we start the preparation process the better; at Almanax we take a long-term strategic view on university entry process. We offer a wide spectrum of services to be able to achieve the desirable goal, depending on the candidate we can provide specialist mentors, various summer programmes, expert tuition in all subjects at all levels, further employment advice, guidance on choice of subject, advice on wider reading and developing specialist academic interests ,help preparing Personal Statements and much more.  




“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.”

© Albert Einstein

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